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I live in Vancouver and we can ride in decent weather 8/12 months. So I really only use Zwift from November through March and yet I pay all year. So two thoughts.

  1. allow us to pause memberships
  2. 2 way link/ data share to Strava so that while outdoors we can accumulate km and elevation

If you accommodated 2) then less incentive for 1)

Just a thought

you can already do this, pause for a few months or just cancel and come back in November, all your stats and progress stays the same.

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That’s great. Thanks.

What about the Strava data share idea?

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I doubt this will ever happen. Zwift wants you to spend time on Zwift, not outside.


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Download/install Zwift for iOS/Android, pair it with your power meter (if so equipped) and Zwift whilst riding outdoors. Yes, some people actually do this :joy:. I’m an XP fiend but I’m not quite that bad.

Just keep in mind that while, at first, it is very enticing to gobble up XP as fast as you can, if you go to wild you’ll end up at Level 50 before you know it, and then just be bummed out that there are no levels beyond that. :frowning:

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