Yearly membership

When will you offer yearly memberships? I have been using Zwift since Beta testing and a paid member since memberships began. 

You should have a yearly option something like 12 months for 10 months of payment. I am considering suspending membership over the summer as I don’t use Zwift often in summer as I prefer riding outside but if there was a yearly membership I would just purchase that.



Do you continue to pay 12 months of the year?

I think a lot of people, including myself cancel their subscriptions over the summer months.  I don’t have the exact facts to hand but I only pay 6-8 months of the year.

I’d need the annual amount to be a lot cheaper than you suggest to make it worth considering.

I agree with this as well, i got turned onto zwift for riding over the winter. I will probably cancel over the warmer months but would definitely consider keeping a cheaper subscription for those rainy days

It is possible but cost is the same as paying for 1 month…
Gift card:
1 year - 180$
3 months - 45$