Membership Renewal Failure

Hi All

I received an email from Zwift Support, and it looks like my Direct Debit got accidentally cancelled due to a bug found in the latest update. Thankfully, my membership was not due for another few days so i have not lost access.

I have reinstated my payment so should not have any issues. How many of you have received the same notification? And what is your payment method?

Just asking out of curiosity.

I can’t imagine why an update would cancel your membership and it’s not something I’ve ever heard of before.

Have Zwift confirmed that the cancellation was due to a bug in an update?

Yes, it was confirmed as a bug in an email from support. The email was from a genuine Zwift address.

I logged into Zwift seperately (not using links as a precaution) and saw that my renewal had indeed been cancelled. My payment details were still saved so I just had to confirm I wanted to re-activate my account.

I don’t forsee any problems but due to the unusual nature, as you are unfamiliar with such an issue, I was curious as to how widespread this was. I don’t think it has affected apple pay/itunes/google play payment methods, just direct debit.