Trying to Cancel my membership

Hi there.

I’ve sent 3 Emails about canceling my membership since i Can’t get it done…

I did all I had to do however I can’t see Canceling Membership

All I see into Billing tab is Membership and Promotion…And none of them offer to cancel…

Please help me out

Thank you

On the Billing/Membership page you will see a Cancel Membership button (it’s below the card):



I’m having the same issue as Paul. The website is having major issues not letting me cancel my membership. I have tried using Chat and no one is available. Some one has emailed me saying I started the process of cancelation but didn’t finish it. Well I couldn’t because the “cancel membership” button doesn’t work!!

Have you tried a different browser?

Yes. I tried Chrome, Edge, and Safari over 3 different computers.

I have the same thing… WTF? When im clicking “cancel” there’s just white screen, nothing else. Good that I have 6 days to cancel membership… I turned off every adblock, tried on Chrome and Firefox, doesn’t work

Tip if you return: use a third party like Apple or Google to pay for your Zwift subscription. They take a 30% cut, but that’s Zwift’s problem for handling people’s money poorly.

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I’ve already fixed this by turning off Zwift payment in the paypal site…