Please remove the “Free Trial Expired” window!

Got this in the middle of a group workout today! The stupid window was all that I could see for the rest of the workout. I ride on the interactive rollers and the laptop with Zwift is 2 meters away. How am I supposed to press that “Not Now” button?! I have an iTunes subscription. It’s not my fault that it was renewed apparently too late (3 hours before the ride). Please don’t show this window during a ride that cannot be interrupted like a group workout, group ride or race.

It’s even better if this happens in a race … :pleading_face:

Unfortunately I know this very well as I’m paying via iTunes which always fails at the beginning of the new month. And what’s even better: On AppleTV your avatar stops immediately and there’s no way to make him continue because the “not now“ button doesn’t work … :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Edit: Correction: It´s not the “Not now” button that doesn´t work, it´s the “Resume purchase” button. It would allow me to continue, but it only works after I exit Zwift and start a new ride. I contacted Zwift support about this but they didn´t respond.

The “Not now” button only results in a standing avatar.