Renewing membership on iOS

Looking for some help. I’ve renewed my Zwift subscription via my subscriptions tab in the apple App Store, but my Zwift account is still showing me as being in the 25km trial and not as a full member.

I generally subscribe in winter, and in the past have always just renewed my subscription on iOS, but this year my Zwift account doesn’t seem to be updating. The money has been taken to pay for the month already, but Zwift doesn’t seem to have changed me to a full account.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

You’ll need to contact support, or perhaps a Zwift staffer will find your post here.

Renewal problems are almost always related to buying through Apple. It’s clearly not very reliable. I recommend paying through the Zwift website in the future.

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Hi @Donald_Luck

This Support Hub article has instructions for exactly this issue. You must click on the Restore Purchase to sync to your iTunes account.

Hi @shooj

I have the same Problem, i can´t see the “Join Now” and “Restore Purchase” in iOS on iPhone in the new Zwift GUI - see here

This Support Hub article describes the old GUI.

Where in the new GUI can i find the “Restore Purchase” to sync the iTunes account?

i Have the same. I renewed both my wife’s and my membership hers is working fine but mine keeps coming up with this. we keep get comfirmation from Apple and the payment is going out each month.

Where is this “article” to check out - could you please post the link, thx!

BTW: The Restore Purchase has been done for me by the Zwift Support Team, but for the next time it would be pleasant if I could do it myself again :slight_smile:

I posted the link. :wink:

I don’t know if it’s helpful I’m afraid (I’m not on iOS), I was just noting that the original article did have that part about where to go next if you didn’t see the ‘restore purchase’ button in the bottom left. :+1:

Thx Dave, unfortunately the article is not adapted for the new UI (iOS). Have already reported this to Zwift support :slight_smile:

I’ve just had exactly the same issue and resolved it by doing what you said.

Hi. I’m having the same issue. No Restore Purchase in the new UI in-game. How long did it take for the Zwift team to do it for you?

@Ferrozzi_Majid sorry for the late reply. The support has done everything by mail ( within 2 hours.