Renewal subscription issue

Hello, there!

I’ve renewed in the apple App Store, but my account is still showing me the 25km trial and not as a full member.

Is there an admin who can help with this?

@Sam.W could you help me?

This happens with some regularity (unfortunately). What I would suggest is to just ride to the end of the 25km trial. A message should then appear on your screen that you have used up the trial period, and offer an option to renew. Say ‘yes’ and you should be able to continue on.

Alternately, if you’re not already riding, just exit Zwift, force close the app, and then start again. That will usually cause the app to recognize that your subscription is active.

The app store is the worst way to pay for Zwift. Renewal delays are extremely common. It should sort itself out eventually, but next time save yourself the hassle and pay on their web site if you can.

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I don’t disagree that there are issues. However, since Zwift discontinued their gift cards, the iTunes store has been a great way for the kids, parents, whoever, to give me a nice ‘consumable’ gift that I want and will actually use. I don’t think my Zwifting costs have come out of my pocket for several years now. I do wish that Zwift would go back to offering gift cards (then it would only cost $14.99/month, instead of the $15,61 through the app store), but I do enjoy getting Zwift as a gift, instead of something that I probably don’t want and won’t use.

You’re aware of the issues, choose to work through it anyway, and you get the extra motivation of not using your own money. This is completely reasonable. :+1: The vast majority of people who run into this problem have no idea they are going down a path that leads to frustration. If the problem is unfixable, the company should warn people about the potential for renewal delay and how best to avoid it (eg, renew at a time of day when you typically have many hours before your next ride).

Hello @Adil_Abdat welcome to Zwift forums.

If you’re paying via Apple iTunes - please read through this Support article, in particular the In-Game section toward the bottom.

If you need additional help - it’s best to contact my Support colleagues privately. We don’t handle individual subscription (i.e. related to your money) issues on this public forum, and instead handle that offline.


I have experienced a similar issue and have been in contact with Zwift support for 2 days trying to resolve the problem.

Essentially what happened is that i cancelled my membership during the summer months. On my first ride back I did the 25km trial and while I was on the bike I renewed my subscription through the apple store. I didn’t realise that the original subscription i purchased was through the zwift website (this was 5 years ago or so).

I have been charged by apple and have a receipt.

Now when I log into Zwift, I get a a pop up message straight away to renew my subscription. I select ‘renew subscription’ and it pops up with a message saying that the iTunes account is connected to another account. I then close the app and re-open and click “join now” and a message pops up saying that I am already subscribed and I click ok. It then takes me back to the error saying to log in with a different ITunes account.

If I then try to start a ride it just says my trial as expired.

There is clearly an issue with subscriptions here and I am worried I won’t be able to access the game anytime soon and I have zrl racing coming up this week.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have already contacted support and they haven’t been helpful.

I have attached screenshots.

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Renewals via Apple have been slow or unreliable for years. It should be better but that’s how it is. I recommend getting a refund from Apple and subscribing on the website. It’s not worth the hassle unless you’re paying with a gift card or have some other strong reason to prefer it.

Thanks for your advice Paul. I’ve requested a refund from Apple so hopefully it works.