Trial mode

I have unbroken subscription paid via apple…but was kicked onto free trial recently. It happened a year ago…but righted itself before the trial ran out. This time however the trial has ended and i cant get onto zwift world.

cancle the apple and pay zwift direct through the main site

Are you using Zwift on your apple device? If not try using your apple device (that you are signed into apple with the account you are paying for Zwift on). If you are using the apple device is there a restore purchases option?

Yeah, using an old ipad.

It was just giving the option of resubscribing…i did that previously, then they were charging me double :frowning:

Never pay through Apple. In the Apple app store, request a refund. Continue payments through the Zwift website. This is the most reliable way to pay and not be cut off.

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