Free Kids Accounts - Guardians Please Read

We hope your little ones are enjoying their time on Zwift and getting in some rides and runs! As many of you guardians may already know via our email campaign, we have spent the greater part of this year working towards making Zwift a safer place for junior riders.

Part of this work has included ensuring that Zwift is fully compliant with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). This means we have been asking all guardians on Zwift to resubmit the updated consent form(s) for their child(ren) to ensure we have all the proper documentation in place to meet compliance.

Some of you may have been sent multiple emails regarding this update, and we apologize for any annoyance. Since we are required to delete any accounts that have not been updated with the new consent form, we wanted to exhaust every effort to ensure we are reaching all guardians and avoid deleting any active child accounts.

This forum post is another avenue to get the message out, so if you have submitted an updated form in the last few months, you shouldn’t have to worry. However, if you submitted the form sometime this year and aren’t sure if we have the proper documentation down for your child’s account, please contact us here. Please DO NOT provide any details on your child’s account in the thread below.

If you have multiple children registered on Zwift, you will need to submit an updated form for each child.

If you’re the guardian of a young rider under 16 years old and didn’t know about the free child accounts on Zwift, please visit our Support Hub here and use the link within the article to view and submit the consent form.

Child accounts are free for children between the ages of 5-15 years old, so get those forms in if you want to get your little one(s) riding and/or running on Zwift! If you have set your child up on Zwift without submitting a consent form, please reach out to our Support team and we’ll help you get it sorted out.

Please post any general questions in the thread below.

REMINDER: Please refrain from posting any details about your child’s account in this thread.

**As of November 2nd, 2020 the queue for child account requests/updates is currently backlogged. If you have submitted a request in the last several days, please allow our team time to reach out.

I wait in the backlog then!

When will the accounts be deleted?

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@Oliver_Chi_SPEEDHOUN We will start deleting accounts in December. If you need to get a new form in, please do so asap.


As I understand, if i registered acount for my son on Sunday (15.11.2020), I just have to wait for email message?

How long is the kids account review process expected to take? "Be patient’ mean what? As a parent I’m just trying to manage my child’s expectations and reduce the likelihood of him giving up on Zwift because the process is too slow and cumbersome.


@Tomasz_Stepien You are correct. Our Support agents are hard at work processing several hundred requests, but as long as you have submitted a form, we’ll be sure to get your child set up with a free account!

The process will likely take about a week, and potentially longer. Our agents are currently working through several hundred requests for free child accounts, and this doesn’t include submissions for technical support, general questions, online store orders, etc. We’re working non stop on these requests, but as this is our busiest season -also occurring as countries globally begin to lockdown once more- there will be delays in getting the requests processed. We sincerely appreciate the patience, and will try our best to process these as quickly as we can.

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Hi Julie, I submitted my application for my son two weeks ago. Is this normal with the backlog? I haven’t submitted a ticket because I assume this is all just volume of sign ons due to covid winter.

Best, Mike

Hey @Michael_McClay! I’ve checked our queue, and we’re only about a week behind. I can see you submitted a request on Nov 12, and we’re coincidentally just about caught up to the 12th. I can see your request near the top, so we’ll be sure to get yours done today!
Thanks for your patience!

Awesome. Thanks for the quick response. Loving my zwift sub so far.

My son (7 yo) has really been enjoying his zwift account. I like that he’s getting a little more exercise as the weather has been getting worse, but he’s mostly into the game aspect of it. Completing courses, getting badges, giving/getting ride-ons, etc, etc.

To that end, is there any way Zwift would consider tweaking the drops calculation for junior riders? Drops are (basically) based on power, and he generally averages in the 20-40 watt range. Thus his drops accumulate TERRIBLY slowly. He really wants to play the ‘drop shop’ part of the game, but he is weeks away from being able to get anything. Or perhaps some way for me to gift him some of my drops? I’ve got the tron bike and am sitting on 1.2M drops, I think I could afford to give him a few hundred thousand.



Where can we find the new forms? I was not notified by email so I do not know if I have the latest forms submitted for my son’s account. I also emailed to the contact us link above but have not received a response.

Hi!!what is necessary for renew child account?

In Julies original post there is a link to our support hub article about children accounts. That article has a link to the proper form.

That’s for a new account. Do use the same form to resubmit forms for an existing account?

I would assume so


@Kenneth_Warner Yep! Same form. That ensures we have the updated form on file, and our Support agents will handle the renewal/updates on our end. Just be sure to plug in the email address your child is currently using for their account so our team renews the existing account rather than create a new one.

@Tacx_Neo1 In order to renew, just submit a consent form via The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App. Please be sure to use the email address your child is currently using for their Zwift account (for the 'Child Email field on the form) to ensure our agents simply renew the existing account and don’t create a new one.