Asked to pay to ride despite being under-16!?!

I am a 14 year old who regularly uses Zwift. I have a free account due to being under-16 that has always worked without problems. Today when I logged in I was greeted with a banner saying that “your free trial has expired. Pay £12.99 per month to upgrade your account”. I don’t understand this as I didn’t have a free trial and Zwift’s website says that Zwift is free to all under-16s. Does anybody know what I can do to solve this? (I have already emailed Zwift but they haven’t got back yet and I want to get my yearly totals up as much as I can today)

Hi @Lukas_Quiney5905, did your parent or guardian renew your account earlier this year?


You just beat me @Mike_Rowe1


Why do the parents have to renew the accounts? I read the forum but it doesn’t make much sense.

Hi @Liz_J Parents or legal guardians need to submit (or resubmit for existing accounts) the forms for their children to comply with COPPA and GDPR regulations about data collection for minors. There are heavy fines for companies who fail to comply.

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