Junior (free) user but Zwift claims I'm in "FreeTrial Mode"

Hello! I’m a junior, who rides for free on Zwift until I’m 16. The game keeps saying my free trial is 1 km from ending, and to “upgrade”. What gives?

I assume you have been using Zwift for some time. Your parents has to do the application yearly.

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Ya, for a while. Nobody bothered telling us we had to apply yearly! Thanks for your help!

Even though Zwift gives a free ride to juniors until they are 16, the authorization for a free account (they call it a discount coupon) is valid for 12 consecutive months and must be renewed annually. This is a simple procedure which boils down to filling out an online form, submitting it, and getting a confirmation. Is it possible that you’ve been riding Zwift for about 12 months already and need to get your access re-authorized?