Under 16 account "expired"

Has anyone else had this same issue? I have had Zwift for about a month now, running it on a free under 16 account. When I reached a total of 200km, my account shut down and said that my free trial had expired, but under 16s are supposed to be able to use Zwift for free until they turn 16.

Hi Annie, welcome to the forums!

I’ve had a U16 account for a few years now, and have not encountered anything like this. Are you sure that the account was not activated a while ago? The account does need to be renewed every 12 months after the creation of the account. You can check the expiration date by contacting Zwift Support or loading up the Zwift launcher on PC or Mac.

Regardless, I’d recommend bringing this up to Zwift support: https://support.zwift.com/. Zwift does not handle account issues on public forums to keep private information private.

Best of luck!


I’m not familiar with Under 16s accounts but have done a little reading to try and help out.

Oliver’s advice about contacting Zwift Support is always a good way to proceed.

PLEASE do not feel the need to reply to this message.

A few questions to consider ready for when you contact Zwift Support:

Did you use a Parent or Guardian to help you set up your account as per the link below?

Is there any chance you set up (on your own or with a parent or guardian) a 14 day free trial as opposed to a Child account? I ask because I notice your first ride activity was on 5th April and on your last ride activity on 19th April you received an ‘only 8km left of free trial remaining’ message.

Is there any chance you have recently turned 16? I notice that your Zwift CA Profile shows you as 16. The link above suggests that a child account finishes when you reach 16. I do not know how Zwift brings a Child account to an end but I would hope the process would be clear to the rider and parent/guardian.

[ EDIT - just found this in the children’s privacy policy:


When your child turns 16, he or she will be eligible to independently manage his or her account. We will send an email to the email address we have on file for you indicating that your child’s account will be converted to a regular account, and your child will receive a prompt at their next login requesting that they change their password to establish a regular Zwift Account. This regular account will be subject to our main Privacy Policy and will incur applicable monthly membership fees in effect at the time your child converts his or her account to a regular account.]

I hope you can resolve your issue and continue with Zwift.


Hi @Annie_Kleywegt - welcome to the forums!
I was taking a quick look at your account, and it looks like it had never been properly set up as a U16 account, as it had been created outside of our usual process.
I updated the account per the consent form your guardians had recently submitted, and all should be set now!
If you have any further account specific issues about your U16 account, please be sure to reach out to our Support team, and we can more fully assist you there.
Ride On!