Is it possible for me to create a free account for our students? under 16


I am an elementary school teacher in Korea. As a bicycle rider, I have used Zwift since 2016 and as an elementary school teacher, I have used Zwift to improve the physical strength of elementary school students since 2018.

In 2022, I guided our students to ride 20,000km from Zwift. I mainly coached obese children, low physical strength, and female students. The students were elementary school students, but they couldn’t make a free account, so they had to pay a year’s fee.

The account we created and used is,, nce.It’s . I couldn’t create a children’s account, so I created an adult account, paid for the use, and with three accounts, children under the age of 13 rode 20,000km.

I know Zwift has a free account under 16 but I’m not sure if that’s the case with the elementary students I’m in charge of.

I’m not the parents of the elementary school students. It’s just a teacher who teaches the elementary school students. This year, we are planning to use the Zwift platform to improve students’ physical strength.

Is it possible for me to create a free account for our students under 16?

Kids can ride for free on Zwift. It would need guardian consent. You cannot create free accounts for them.


I want to tell a colleague with children under 16 how to create an account. In what ways and procedures does Zwift require parental consent?

Head over to The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App. Pretend to fill out the form and you will be able to see which details and consent are required.

hello jk!
Great project! I am also a teacher and have been running a project like this for many years in Germany. My goal is to network many schools and train together and exchange ideas globally. We mainly use rouvy, but that shouldn’t be a problem for now. By the way, you can follow great routes in Korea! I would be happy if we got in touch. Just write back, then we can exchange email addresses and I can show you our padlet. Many greetings Arndt

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