Loat monthly subscription after Zwift update

Anyone else lost their monthly Zwift subscription and now placed back on the “25km remaining free trial” after installing the latest Zwift update? Not very impressed right now…

How do you pay for your subscription? Through Apple App Store or Zwift’s website?

If Apple App Store it’s an issue that is on and off again. Basically Zwift isn’t getting confirmation from Apple that you are paid up. To fix it select restore purchase in the game:

Ok will try that! This was the first time it has happened to me, so very confused by it. Thanks again!

Hi, i received a 3 months gift for upgrade from trial version( which expire in 2 days). I entered the promotion code but on my smartphone application😨 and in my PC the one i use, it iis always say: your free trial mode expire in 2 days.
Ma question is: Is it ok or i did a big mistake?
I appogize for my … english.
Best Sehelia