Warning: Change your payment method and you might be paying more monthly

Long time zwifter. Decided to change my payment method from paypal to CC. So I follow the directions and make the change. EZ enough, right? All good…except now my payment is higher! No warning during the change process, nothing. Just boom, your new monthly payment is now higher. Change your payment method and bingo, you are now paying Zwift more every month for the rest of your life. Got on chat support and basically got the run around that I should read the terms of service, that they have been kindly paying the tax increases for those that were grand-fathered in. So apparently changing your payment methods negates your grand-fathered status. Thanks for the warning Zwift! Not cool and not good customer service.

What were you paying and what are you now paying? When they increased the last price to $15 I was only allowed to keep the old price for I think 12 months then it went up. Didn’t like it but hey i pay or I don’t play.

I have to be honest though, $15 for me is the max I will pay for Zwift. If they ever raise it again I will be off. I love Zwift but with the non-updates on the bigger issues and desires of the masses online they just aren’t using the subscription money in the correct places. Big waist was the tron trainer…What were they thinking?!