Elevation profile

(Paul Smith) #1

Is it possible to see a course elevation profile with my position on it, so I can see (for example) how far I am from the top of a climb?


(Aaron Zwanzig) #2

The course profile is visible at the bottom of the mini-map. You are represented by the little circle with a triangle. The triangle points in the direction you are headed. The current grade where you are at is indicated in the upper right-hand corner of the mini-map.


(Zach Johnston) #3

As a relatively new user, I feel the need to mention that its painfully small and hard to really discern much from it much beyond “Oh Im going to go up I guess”. It’d be nice to have some data on the incoming gradients.

(Paul Smith) #4

I agree. I just got started. I use an iPad of the largest size, but I can’t make out anything useful on the mini-map. Mostly the result of sweat, tears and poor eye-sight, but it would be nice if we could make the mini-map bigger. How about a maxi-map?

(Aaron Zwanzig) #5

As you continue Zwifting, the desire to use a large screen TV will eventually overwhelm you. Along with a lot of the other gear-envy purchases that go with it. The mini-map will cease to be an issue at that time. :):grinning:

(Zach Johnston) #6

I use a fairly large screen and its still pretty inadequate, its just too small/translucent/lacking in gradient data.

(Eric Oshlo) #7

I agree. The mini-map elevation profile is virtually unusable for me even on my 52" TV. I wish Zwift would either make it larger like it used to be prior to the full mini-map or at a minimum provide an option/page to better display the profile in the Zwift phone companion app. Having a full dashboard on the main screen and in the companion app is redundant. Let’s use the companion app as a complement to rather than a duplication of much of the main Zwift HUD.

(G odmother Fox-Neo2) #8

I fully agree elevation info needs significant improvement. Just now I can only guess (rough guess) what’s ahead of me, thus I have no idea how much energy I should save for the rest of climb. It’d be great if I can see more detailed elevation chart with different colors for different gradients … ie yellow 3-5%, orange 5-8%, red 8-11, purple for 11+ or something like that.

From my point of view, this elevation info can be easily placed instead of power/heart rate graph (bottom of the screen). Or let user to customize what to display there (I don’t care about those power/heart graphs at all, but believe some can do).

(amy) #9

Hey new to Zwift this month. Could not agree more. We need a better view of elevation. I have no idea how long I am climbing and how hard to pace. There must be a better solution. I have a 55” tv right in front of me and can not tell where I am on the elevation map. This is important!!!

(Paul) #10

Also agree. I’m a new user and have got over a knee injury, i like the gradients but id like to change down before a hill so that i don’t get a sudden pressure on the knee. Gradient at the bottom of the map is far too small and would be more useful to show the next 1/2km. Using a big monitor.