Elevation profile

Is it possible to see a course elevation profile with my position on it, so I can see (for example) how far I am from the top of a climb?


The course profile is visible at the bottom of the mini-map. You are represented by the little circle with a triangle. The triangle points in the direction you are headed. The current grade where you are at is indicated in the upper right-hand corner of the mini-map.



As a relatively new user, I feel the need to mention that its painfully small and hard to really discern much from it much beyond “Oh Im going to go up I guess”. It’d be nice to have some data on the incoming gradients.


I agree. I just got started. I use an iPad of the largest size, but I can’t make out anything useful on the mini-map. Mostly the result of sweat, tears and poor eye-sight, but it would be nice if we could make the mini-map bigger. How about a maxi-map?

As you continue Zwifting, the desire to use a large screen TV will eventually overwhelm you. Along with a lot of the other gear-envy purchases that go with it. The mini-map will cease to be an issue at that time. :):grinning:


I use a fairly large screen and its still pretty inadequate, its just too small/translucent/lacking in gradient data.


I agree. The mini-map elevation profile is virtually unusable for me even on my 52" TV. I wish Zwift would either make it larger like it used to be prior to the full mini-map or at a minimum provide an option/page to better display the profile in the Zwift phone companion app. Having a full dashboard on the main screen and in the companion app is redundant. Let’s use the companion app as a complement to rather than a duplication of much of the main Zwift HUD.


I fully agree elevation info needs significant improvement. Just now I can only guess (rough guess) what’s ahead of me, thus I have no idea how much energy I should save for the rest of climb. It’d be great if I can see more detailed elevation chart with different colors for different gradients … ie yellow 3-5%, orange 5-8%, red 8-11, purple for 11+ or something like that.

From my point of view, this elevation info can be easily placed instead of power/heart rate graph (bottom of the screen). Or let user to customize what to display there (I don’t care about those power/heart graphs at all, but believe some can do).


Hey new to Zwift this month. Could not agree more. We need a better view of elevation. I have no idea how long I am climbing and how hard to pace. There must be a better solution. I have a 55” tv right in front of me and can not tell where I am on the elevation map. This is important!!!


Also agree. I’m a new user and have got over a knee injury, i like the gradients but id like to change down before a hill so that i don’t get a sudden pressure on the knee. Gradient at the bottom of the map is far too small and would be more useful to show the next 1/2km. Using a big monitor.


I know this is an old message string, but I’m a newer Zwifter…I’d love to see colour gradient information on the minimap (i.e. change the colour bands at the edge of the road) so you can prepare and gauge level of effort for pacing…for the KOMs it would also be a huge help to know where you are in relation to the summit…perhaps after repeating routes you get familiar, but the info would still be super helpful.

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I really would love to see the profile enhanced. Color coding would be great. The small triangle showing your direction is too small to be visible. Perhaps make the profile itself a little bigger or across the whole bottom but screened back.

I’m struggling with this one …at no time out on road do I rely on or have access to colour coded elevation profiles or large elevation maps?

I use my knowledge of the course, or my eyes or my pre-ride prep - all of this knowledge (and more) is available to Zwifters. So dont understand the need for this - but its a just a view :+1:

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Hello !

Like already said above, I think the route elevation profile is really lacking of clearness.

As you discover a road, it is difficult to anticipate and manage your efforts since you do not know what will come next and sometimes you are juste caught with a sudden gradient !

On the same topic, I think an option to choose what and how to display some relevant information (we do not all have the same “concept” of relevant :wink: ) could be cool… For example, I would love, when I select a route, to see how much distance / elevation / time estimate to destination is remaining !

Ride on guys !! :slight_smile:

You are correct that outside riding tou do not have access to profile information and you certainly do not have it in a nice color coded map. However the guys that ride in the grand tour races have it and I want to feel like them even if I cannot pedal like them. :grin: Also keep in mind this is indoor. Why not provide the info? Is it hurting anyone to have it?

Fair point … I’m afraid my perception is Zwift moves glacially slowly on user suggested improvements … but here’s hoping :crossed_fingers:

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I agree with those calling for larger info. I’m using a 65 inch TV and I still cannot make out the arrow in the little circle indicating which direciton I’m going, or even much of the profile info. Having at the bottom of the full screen sounds like a wonderful idea!

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You folks may be interested in this: ZDot: Alpha test of a high-visibility map marker add-on for Windows

Completely agree. It’s almost impossible to read. Make the elevation profile separate to the map, that would help.

It is also quite annoying that gradient is not anywhere in the companion app, not even the current gradient. (as far as I can see anyway!)