Enlarge the elevation profil


is it possible to see an elevation profile while driving? The existing one that is displayed at the top right is far too inaccurate and the display is too small. I would like to see one like the one on alpe du zwift, where you can also zoom in and out and enlarge the area.

regards Thomas

Been asked for many times, always seems to fall on deaf ears


Click “Vote” on this feature request. It’s 5 years old now, just starting school.

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Voting makes no difference from what i’ve seen. That post is 5 years old and we are still with the same old terrible elevaltion profile om the hud.


actually the same new terrible elevation profile. the old one was actually much better!


I’ve given up on this.
maybe one day it’ll change and it’ll be a nice surprise but i’m not going to expect it or think it is likely.


Similar i rarely look at feature requests these days. It’s a waste of time. lots of great ideas out there that should not take a great deal of time but things get ignored.


I completely lost all hope of Zwift listening to customers requests…


Maybe it would help if we took part in all the surveys and mentioned this again and again

LOL, I got a survey the other day about my experience of doing the tour of watopia, which I duly filled in, answering all the questions, even though I didn’t do a single stage of it, but according to them I did, so i think it would be a non starter


Thanks for participating in the Tour of Watopia!

We would love to learn more about you and your experience during the Tour of Watopia. Please take a few minutes to complete this short survey. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and is used to help make Zwift better.

you possibly did one of the route in the tour. This time you didnt need to do the tour events any time you did a route that was for a stage you got credit for it.

Not been on since 30th April when outdoor season started :rofl: