Update 9/14 - Mini map.

I kinda like the new mini map.  Gives a nicer view of where you are on the course.
However, as a nearsighted person, I am having great trouble seeing the gradient now.  Is there a chance you could enlarge the font some?


I personally prefer the more detailed and larger gradient indicator. It is indeed too small, and I like being able to see where the gradient was going to ‘kick up’ next.

I did my second ride with the new mini map today and noticed for the first time that the old course elevation profile is still displayed; it’s translucent now rather than solid blue.

Agreed, the large profile is still there but the zoomed in one is not…I want the latter back as well as the course map enlarged if possible…

The new mini map is really annoying and is filling up my screen …How can i turn it off ??? 

I find the new map good but would like some improvements certainly on the grade percentage this is kinda too small atm and the profile at the bottom is too less visible. Placing beneath the mini-map would be a good idea or make it more visible would help as well.

Would also be good if you could place it where you want, bottom corner, top left, etc. Or if you have a deluxe two monitor setup on the second monitor decouple from the main window.

I thought I would be okay with it but now I feel it is pointless and annoying. The old system was better for judging the climb % and where you were on the climb itself. The worst part is the ‘map’ when going into the volcano.

Who approved this? Why not run a test and then ask us ‘Which one do you prefer?’

I agree, add an off switch and just place a large % climb on screen.


Agreed on many points…

I think having it on for group rides makes more sense.

Perhaps adding the following settings options would be a smart approach:

  • always on

  • only on during events (when solo, revert to classic view of grade and course profile)

  • always off, classic view at all times

In addition, the mini should still improve visibility of pertinent info and also perhaps grey out roads that are above or below you by a +/- number of metres…on the volcano for example…

My Mini-Map observations as a Zwift Noob:

Mini-Map zoom - Very happy to have a mini map.  It helps give a sense of where you are at. As a noob I have rarely had any idea of where I am on the map except when I’m climbing the mountain as I know the radio tower is coming.  I suggest adding one more map view which shows the whole world or a much larger area.  This would be quite helpful for those of us that that are relatively new to the game to have an idea of where we are in the world.

Profile opacity - The zoomed out profile at the bottom of the screen takes a bit of staring to make out the fine features.  Perhaps a less opacity or a different colour would help with this?

Loss of zoomed-in profile - I’ve just started racing on Zwift and am finding that it is hard to time an attack when I don’t have a good idea of where the next hill starts etc.  As I’m a Zwift noob I don’t have the courses committed to memory.  With my iPad at  eye level the only way I know if the road is going up or down is to look at the gradient number or the close-up profile when the gradient is in the +/- %2 range.  Once the incline or decline is more than 2-3% it is visually apparent to me.  I’m okay with a little more clutter on the mini-map to add this back.  Perhaps it could take the to right and the gradient could move to the top left?

Gradient size - Even though I have a Zwift capable PC I’m running it on my iPad for sheer convenience of setup and because I find the onscreen controls convenient.  With the size of the screen the gradient is a little on the small side.

Note for the Zwift team that occurred to me when thinking about how the zoomed profile was missed by me in races:

  • I have done many organized/timed rides in real life and have had some good results back in the pre-kids days.  But I’ve never done any full-on racing. It always seems like a big step, with increased crash risk, and a bunch social pressure/ performance anxiety so I’ve never done it.  Almost, but not quite.  Those problems are eliminated and reduced in Zwift and I’ve just started to do a few of the races.  I am having a great time and getting a great workout at the same time.  Thanks!  Also, Zwift is allowing me to sneak in some riding at off times and this is the first year in many where I’ve been able to ride consistently enough to actually feel like I’m getting a little stronger on the bike.  Double thanks!  


I too, would like to see the percentage gradient larger, like before please. I rely on this heavily during my ride/workout, as I push or rest depending on the elevations. 

Otherwise, it’s a nice new way of seeing more around you, thanks.


I am for zoomed profile too. I am new in Zwift, but found Elevation graph very hard to use. More zoomed graph is, especially for group rides, much needed.

Yes please have a view which enlarges the elevation profiles. That would actually be more useful to me than the minimap. Perhaps a toggle between maps and elevation profile would work.


Is enyone from Zwift team looking those requests!!!

I would be a polite to answer.

I do agree that just a terrain and % is much better than current map.

Have been using Zwift for about a year. This is my first time back in a few months after summer riding outside. I have to say the mini map is a neat feature, but the grade indicator is really terrible. It went from being very prominent to barely visible. Getting used to the new layout, it took me about five minutes to even notice where it was. I plug my macbook into a 40" widescreen television via HDMI. When viewing in full screen, half of the single digit grade indicator is pushed off screen. Even if it was fully on screen, it is just so stinkin’ small. I can appreciate the effort in making upgrades to the interface, but this is definitely a step backwards. 

I agree 100% with all of these comments.  I have zero use for the new mini map, and am struggling to see the elevation/gradient info that I rely on for my workouts.  This is a HUGE step backwards.  I hope that someone is reading all of these pieces of constructive criticism and will consider restoring the old course profile, at least as an option.

OK - may  relax a  bit bro -  the mini-map and  elevation grade are NOT “absolutely terrible” -  they  definitely could be improved

since the last update the mini-map is  too zoomed in - the previous “zoom”  was better

as far as the  grade meter -  I  use it all the  time -  it is functional -  I  am not  sure  what would be  better  however

The mini-map zoom is a bigger issue and  easier fix…