First thoughts on the new minimap

Hi guys,

I’ve just completed a ZA group ride and wanted to provide some feedback on the new patch, specifically the minimap.

First of all I have to say it worked well to keep the group together.

However there are definitely improvements to be made. The gradient graphics need enlarging, possibly moving to the left side of the screen with other metrics. On that note the metrics on the left hand side should be customizable fields much like you have with head units (do the same for the ZML).

Secondly the minimap has the potential to provide much more useful information. The sections that sprints (and KOMs) are timed in should be clearly marked (as in the start point added) or better yet shade the whole section of road in a different colour (i.e. green section for sprints and white/red for climbs).

For group rides (and races) it seemed like once another rider got beyond a certain distance from you they disappeared, this distance should be increased greatly. If you drop back for any reason you just can’t see the group on the minimap.

Another feature you could add to the minimap would be ghosts, you currently don’t have a way of measuring yourself against yourself (or others) during a lap to compete for orange jerseys or gain lap PBs.








I think the mini map is a fantastic upgrade and a huge step in the right direction. It’d be great if it displayed strava segment markers and I agree with Oliver’s suggestion of ghosting

I personally prefer the more detailed and larger gradient indicator. It now is indeed too small, and I like being able to see where the gradient was going to ‘kick up’ next.

I still like the mini app, but the other indicators, course profile and gradient, have diminished too much.

I agree with pretty much all of your suggestions too…

Having the ability to see a zoomed in view of the upcoming gradient would be great. Overall I love the concept of the mini map but there is a lot of room for improvement with additional information (road markers, current route, the 3D view partnered with a very zoomed out course view, more upcoming gradient info). Looking forward to seeing where the team takes this in future updates.

Yes, the gradient graphic definitely needs enlarging. I use an iPhone on my bike, using a small screen and it’s now completely impossible to see the gradient at all. Thus making the featherweight powerup not useable and preparing yourself to stay with a group harder. 

On Volcano island where the corcscrew climb crosses the tunnel route, there should be solid lines at the intersections to distinguish the route you are on. Just make it clear which road you are following, right now you can’t tell which way the road goes. I guess this happens in a few other places too.

I agree with virtually everyone who has commented on the new mini map- please continue to improve the gradient display, or better yet, make the old gradient display an option in place of the mini map.