Minimap - setup

I love Zwift !
I ride a lot of routes, great to have the gamification to boost your condition.

But, … here it comes, it there a possibility to improve the minimap?

Would be great if you could see the complete profile of your ride, while riding of course. Add an indicator where you are on the route profile. If you can see the hills coming in the minimap and knowing percentage you have done that would really help. A bit like Tour de france now, when they show distance already ridden (for example in red) and to come (for example in yellow)
That combined with the climbing profile. Top !!!

Don’t really need to see the other riders on that map, these are just dots passing, and anyway there is the ‘Zwifters nearby’ panel for that one.

Anybody else who thinks this would be interesting?

Loads of people will agree…loads of suggestions captured in this feature request thread so suggest a vote there would be useful too.

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Bonjour, je suis d’accord sur le besoin d’améliorer le mini profil affiché, sur un Meetup ou un Event et même sur un entrainement simple sur une portion de route sur laquelle il n’y a pas de changement de direction prévu, pouvoir visualiser le profil à venir serait un plus. Merci