Mini map

Could you display a mini map (bottom left corner of the screen) so you could see where you are on the course and your track.

already done, just needs integration by zwift:


ps. don’t hard-code positions and sizes for any data fields/graphs/displays - do it like garmin instead so you can choose a layout and what data is shown.

I would love to see Garmin style overlay modules for watt, power, speed etc… instead of the current arrangement.

You mean like this? :slight_smile:

What you have in picture above is a lot better than the new Zwift mini-map.  I have no idea where I am on the new mini-map because it is constantly rotating, you don’t see the entire road grid and there are too many dots on it.  A simpler map, like above would have been much better.  Can we turn the new mini-map off?  It makes me dizzy.

I like the minimap idea and it is improved now, but there is still some shortcomings:

  • the rotation is very confusing, is it possible to add a stay north option in the cycle or via a little north icon?

  • on a climb the rider is really is really not interested in a map, but in the detailed gradients. can you bring back the old gradient view in the click cycle.

  • The map doesnt help me that much which turn to take next, as it is very small and rotates. What about showing a big map via a button, like goimg in the menu?

thanks for reading, and and thinking about it, despite of this, zwift is fantastic!