I really like the Minimap


I like it as well however to be really useful we need a way to change the view from the mobile app. I run Zwift on a desktop PC and it’s not practical having a mouse within arm’s reach as there’s no flat surface to use it on. I also think the top down view is zoomed in just a wee bit too much. I also wouldn’t mind an option where the minimap cycles through each view slowly e.g. 5 seconds per view.

Perhaps a further enhancement would be in the zoomed out view shows the selected route by way of a dotted line or coloured road so you can think about in advance whether you want to manually change the route at the next intersection.

Lastly an option to hide the minimap as well.

Please could one of the mini map views be the old view. It was sometimes useful to see the gradient and elevation in a larger format.

I agree with Andy, except in place of “sometimes useful” I would say “ALWAYS useful.”