Better route and loop overview

So failry new to Zwift done a few rides now, and 2 things that could really improve  experience (especially for new people).

The 2 route views in top right are not always that much of an overview, i would love to see a small kinda “minimap”, so i would know which way to go on a given course (Wattopia) to for example get to the big mountain. 


Second: Laps! There is an achivement to do a lap. I have now figured out where a lap starts, but i’m not sure if i can start a lap CCW and Clock wise? Also yesterday i apparently started the Hilly course. But i was not sure which way to go on the route. Maybe list the lap you are curretnly doing above the “turn signs” when you get to an intersection? 
Also i dont understand why it does not always show how much more you need of a lap, up the hill on london course i can follow the progression all the way from 4,2km to 0 while on other courses it does not pop up untill 500 meters to go. 

I love the minimap idea. And to further this idea it should show where your friends are on the minimap.

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With the amount of detail and size of these maps I don’t think you would be able to see anything. 

There is very nice maps online that you can download, print and stick them to your wall. Or get a second monitor and display them there. 

you would totally be able to see things on the map, every single racing video game has a minimap on some part of the screen which shows a portion or all of the track. Zwift already shows an elevation profile of the track you are riding which shows up to 9km (in some cases)

IMHO, a course overview has more value than the elevation mapping being displayed. 

Agree a mini map a great idea to see where you are on the route


For now You can try to show a map overlay or a map on you second monitor.

Zwift is working on there own Map…constantly improving. see Tyler’s post above.




While an in game map is not possible, it’s coming!

Additionally, if select a course, you don’t need to select any turns. It will take you the entire route without you having to change anything.