Map of course needs to move.

Zwift is far becoming awesome for a lot of people. Many of which are going all out and putting the game on large screens, however for the people that cannot have the luxury of riding with a big screen and only use a laptop or small 21-27" monitor, have a lot of trouble trying to see the map position.

For example, the map has 2 sections:

  1. The top shows the current gradient and section of the course, which i think equates to either 100-300m.

  2. The bottom is the map of the entire course layout.

My suggestion is to have the entire course layout or a longer section of road say about 1km placed at the bottom of the screen to show us in a larger scale what is coming up next cause its very hard to squint at the monitor if its a distance away, while on the bike.

Many people would argue that we should already know the course due to riding it a fair bit, however the newer people would not have a clue. I would also put forward that this would be a turn on/off feature  (say press M) due to the fact there are a few racers and it could be a bit squashed in when seeing 25+ riders or so.

Keep up the good work, cant wait to see what is in store soon :smiley:


I’d like to see an additional overhead-view map of the entire island that shows my position so I can figure out where I am and see upcoming turns before I get there.  The map needn’t be large, and even on my laptop, there seemingly is enough screen real estate to put it somewhere.

I know this wouldn’t satisfy everyone’s need, but it would be interesting to have the map as a panel on the mobile app so that it could show your current position.  This could also display the near term profile and gradient info.  I think an on-screen map would be nice too.