Map showing position

Hi, myself and other fellow users have expressed how useful it woul be to have a map showing where on the circuit you are. Is this something we can turn on in settings? If so, how? If not, is it something that is coming in a future release? Maybe it could be a toggle option with the profile map, or maybe even better, it could be an addition screen available on Zwift Mobile! Look forward to feedback, and for others who would also like this feature, feel free to add yor support.




Agreed.  I could see this being particularly useful in relation to two speculative future enhancements:

  1. If you have the ability to make turns on a more open course an overhead map would help visualize the upcoming turn option.
  2. If you have a list of riders that you follow it would make sense that you could see them on the map.

It might require some re-thinking of the course profile view for the whole lap.  I don’t have an idea how to resolve that offhand.

Agree. I was just about to post the very same request. 

So you want a map similar to what Strava FlyBy maps show?

Yes it would work a lot like if you were to watch a Strava Flyby, with each person who is on having a small icon on the map that obviously moves to show where they are, but more importantly where you are on the map. Also would be good to show start and end points for KOM and Sprints.

I favour this suggestion.  

It took me quite some time to understand that side on location views, and a map would help with anticipating sprints etc. I think. 

Perhaps it could be a partial map showing the local area (e.g. 200m radius) a bit like the one here:

…and rather than have the island show on Strava, have an overhead of the actual course on Strava…since it now shows “virtual ride” that should be possible…

Would help me. I’d love to see a map with position added.

I agree, we need a map, maybe in the bottom right ?

This works nicely.