Position During a Race

It would be nice to have somewhere on the screen a number to see what position you are currently at. Even if it’s like 29/250. It’s so hard to figure out where you are in the pack. It also would make you try harder and see your progress during the race.

And also during an event - So it would be possible to know how many is behind and in front. Would make it easier to help sweeping, or ask for sweeping help. Sometimes the field/riede is splitted up in different group, and it is not easy to orient to find the leader.

Great idea. 

Indeed. It also should be nice if there was an overview of the different groups with the time between these groups

Also think it would be good if there was some sort of visual clue on the avatar of riders who are in the same race - some days there are a lot of riders on course and it’d be nice to see a little visual clue on the avatars ahead of you that are in the same race/event.

I think this one’s complete. I’ve been loving the latest Zwift updates.