Racing Improvements

Although Zwift racing is incredible, there are many ways to make it better.

  1.  At all times, we need to know our position in the race, the number of starters and the number of racers remaining.   (e.g. 37th out of 94…109 started)

  2. I’d like to know where everyone is at all times.  The list on the right only shows 17 riders and the Zwift Mobile App only shows people who are close by.  Very often, my friends and other riders disappear from my list.  At least make the list scrollable.

  3. In the race Event list on the left hand side, Zwift only shows your best lap, KOM or sprint time. I’d like to see all of my splits for each lap.  For example, if I climb Box Hill in 9:50 the first time and 10:13 the second, the Event list only shows the first lap time because it was the best time.  And along those lines, Zwift only shows your times for the last 30 days.  I’d prefer my lifetime best times.  There should be a preference to toggle your time frame.

  4.  Kudos from making reverse races possible, but it should be the default for all courses.  Much less crowded so it’s easier to follow the racers.

  5.  Although I now ride with prescription glasses, the list on the right is way too small to read.  There should be multiple screen options for the user to choose from in Preferences.  There should be a Screen Builder like the Workout Builder.  

  6.  While we’re at it, we could also use a Jersey Builder which would be especially useful in races.  Although it could be optional, I’d certainly be willing to put my name, age and watts on my jersey. 

  7.  Racers should wear the same jerseys.  Some disagree but the Zwiftriders poll shows that racers overwhelmingly agree with it.  

  8.  I know this is a known issue, but please do something about the “freaky backwards eyes” bug that sometimes occurs in large group rides and races.  

  9. Coordinate with Zwiftrankings for smaller and fairer race divisions so people putting out 4.0 watts/kg aren’t in the C race.  Yes, the organizers DQ or move up these racers on Zwiftpower after the fact, but that doesn’t really help a person during the race.

I’m sure many won’t agree with the next two but I thought I’d throw them out there anyway.

  1.  Race organziers should have the ability to control the trainer difficulty setting for all racers on smart trainers…kind of like organizers control the use of powers ups.  I do not believe a watt is a watt in Zwift.  Zwifting with steady resistance (difficulty at 0%) is significantly easier than riding at full resistance (difficulty at 100%) even if the total average watts put out are the same.  Racers should be at the same trainer difficulty.

  2.  Following up on the above, race organizers should have the ability to host exclusive races for those on smart trainers.   Racers on power meters or zPower tend to take the majority of the top results and racers on smart trainers tend to take the majority of the bottom results.  It doesn’t really matter in real life but most of us want to race on a level playing field.

My two cents.

totally agree with # 10 trainer difficulty control

I know mine is on 100% resistance which is only making me work harder for it but now that I have started racing on Zwift, it would feel a bit more even if there was a Main Controlller !