Zwift Top 5

Caveat: Almost 2 years of riding Zwift, thousands of miles and ride it multiple times per week - so needless to say I’m a Zwift fan (addict). That said, there are a few things that *really* seem overdue at this point… And yes, I do know that most (if not all) have already been suggested, so sorry for the repeat.

  1. Better representation of where you are on the course map and where turns are going to take you. Great example is that currently as you approach volcano there is a left and right turn that show the exact same graphic!

  2. Easy and obvious way to access all Zwift related functions when logging in or paused. Not keyboard shortcuts, not quitting and restart, just make it easy to get to customizations, profile, workout editor, course descriptions and selection, etc. etc.

  3. Clearly Visible Sprint/KOM start

  4. Make w/kg more obvious on the screen, please. My old eyes cannot see those tiny characters (actually should really just allow me to customize my own HUD).

  5. Decent workout editor tools, especially copy/paste and defining your own zones (e.g. 125% of FTP)

I love the average watts on the ftp test.

Can we add it to every block? and it it to custom workouts?

I think JD’s list is a good summary of the items that seem to get requested the most.  To that, I would also add I think its time to allow of to pick any course on any day

Thanks David, not sure how I left that one out! Yes, it’s definitely past time for course selection. Show us how many people are on each of the courses, and if someone is worried about having company - they can choose the one with the most riders.

Given that we had almost 7000 people in London today, it is way past time to spread things out and let people select the course.  At ~25 total miles of roadway, that comes to about 6 meters per rider, or double it if you count both directions (with the new London climb added today).

Things are getting way too crowded.  You can’t help but be drafting most of the time.

If you had 7000 riders on Richmond’s 10 mile circuit, it’d be one giant peloton.

Comment above triggered me to review my original list above. Item 1 is much better (still not completely obvious, but better), and item 3 is now in place; so that’s good.

Here’s my revised list:

  1. Map and course selection/flexibility… please. Let me ride where/what I want to ride

  2. Improved UI (same as item 2 above)

  3. New levels and challenges. Didn’t realize how much that helped my motivation until I didn’t have any more to do. Even the current 10K Calorie challenge helps pump me up a bit to get my workout in.

4/5: Same as above


Would be pretty cool to see what the top priorities are for the development team.

Yep, have to agree on #3.  Upping levels, getting the tron bike, crossing Italy - were all surprisingly motivating - especially the tron bike.  We need some new challenges.  Funny how I’d do just a couple of extra miles on most rides knowing they were getting me that much closer to a virtual reward.  Who’d have thought?