Features NOT Maps

Would be nice to see the developers actually make the product better and focus less on new maps. For the amount of time they put into NY and the 3 course innsbrook map, they could have really tightened up the applications.

  1. Give us a ghost rider against our best time
  2. Store best times forever locally on the PC. This isn’t 1980, memory is cheap
  3. Every course offered should have a way to track your time. Good luck finding a way to ride the Central park loop in NY. I don’t know if this is a crappy language translation or not.
  4. Set default resistance modifier ± 0-5 so when Zwift says 0% it sends ±0-5 to my controllable device
  5. If a bike can’t draft, let us know in the bike description
  6. Get the distances correct on the courses, they don’t match the real distance when on the course. I forget which one but it says like 5.6 miles and the real course is like 14

For almost $200 a year, i expect better development out of a product.

  1. How many people actually want this? I’ve read Zwift userbase is somewhere around 100k… even if 100 people request this feature (which I really really doubt) that’s still not a significant number.
  2. And then they implement this and people will be “Storing data localy? What is this, 1980?” (besides, same question as for point 1… how many people actually want this?)

2 & 3. Strava has segments for every course + often extra segements for multiple laps.

  1. TT bikes can’t draft. All others can. For most people this is common knowledge, and anyone that does a little bit of an effort has read this: https://titaniumgeek.com/zwift-user-manual-unofficial-running-updates/
  2. First of: Rule #24 ^_^… this is apparently an issue with the New York course, no doubt they’ll resolve this some way soonish.

Bollocks to bloody Strava. Zwift should have this functionality covered, rather than us having to go and use a third-party site for it.

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Yes, i could scour the Internet for the unofficial ZWIFT guide. I am glad you speak for everyone who only wants the last 30 days of times. Especially now that there are what over 5 worlds, and 5-10 courses per world. It is very easy for this time to expire. Especially if you jump on some group rides for a while.

I expected the arrogant replies to my post and am not shocked.

You also mention if only 100 people want the feature…please share with me what features they have rolled out over the past 6 months and are planning to roll out.

I mean who doesn’t love the hammer time button? That is clearly a feature which makes the product better for riders, and be dammed an adjustment slider for resistance. I would contend the adjustment slider would be easier to implement.


I agree with one of the points Scott made. I think a lot of riders would like to see new features, This page has 45 views and 5 votes that is 11%, so extrapolating to 100k users that give 11000.

  1. Gost rider why not, I use it on my Garmin cycling computer when I am on the road so I would probity us it on Zwift.
  2. Yes with more worlds I would get a PR most sections, 60 or 90 days would be nice. I dont think keeping them longer than that can be motivating.
  3. This would be nice if you choose any loop it will have a count down, why not. as soon as you make a manual turn the count down will go away.
  4. Yes please, flat road resistance modifier. Please.
    5)Yes we all know that the TT bike cant draft, but still every week when I lead a group ride there is someone on a TT bike wondering why they cant stay in the draft. A notice on the bike selection will help the new riders a lot. Also why dont Zwift just change the bike for you if you are on a TT bike in a group ride.
  5. Scott this happen, sure they will fix it.

Here are some of my own wishes:
a) give ride leaders tools to help manage group rides, like a button to give negative draft to riders in front, This will help to keep the bunch together on a downhill or the ability to slow the front down so that the ones off the back can catch up. it is not to limit flyiers it is so that strong riders don’t have to soft pedal every time the leader has to wait for riders off the back.

b) Let ride leaders copy and past text.

c) Auto assign race categories for races, Zwift know my FTP and my weight they can put me in the correct pen.

d) Even better than c) get rid of w/kg categories use a ranking system, so similar ability riders are grouped together.

e) drop in races: now this is an idea that I had the other day. but only after c) or d) is true. You get to the lobby you select you want to do a race you pick the distance (I think this should be 10-30km) once 10 people selected the same distance you get moved to the pen and the race start. Almost like battle royal style. You could even have team events 4 friends select a race and race against other teams of 4 and the position of #3 count.

f) a button on the keyboard to give ride ons.

g) Team TT events where you can only draft of your team members.


i agree that “use strava” is not a great option. not sure that makes me want any of the strava features in Zwift, but the idea that you have to have strava does seem a bit weak. of course, i’m paranoid about how much data i share and where, so i’m sure i’m in the minority.

Strava is for looking at your ride data after you are done, and it is awesome (i love data) what the Scott was asking is for a way to track progress during the ride, there is already some routes that have a “lap counter” but not all of them.