So far, so good

Getting a better workout, than using online videos, I was using. . Digging hard, to maintain 245 watts, for 10 sec. so FTP calculations must be close to realistic. Just noticed a new , FTP ramp test added , Mar. 1. Will give it a try.

Would like to see a “Solo” function. I’m in it for the work out, not competition. I do a lot of endurance riding in the real world, solo. I’m 72, belong to a cycling club (lots of seniors), Most want to do social rides, which is fine, once a week, but myself, I like hitting the hills and riding 35 - 50 miles.

My PC is hard wired, and don’t want to disconnect, to ride solo. I do like the Companion app.

Sooo, I think I’ll subscribe for a month or 2 , awaiting for roads to clear and warm up.

Hi Ken, Welcome to Zwift.

The good news is if you like to ride the hills it will feel like a solo ride, those roads are very quiet.

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I like quiet, where are the hills ?

If you want to be alone, you may want to check out Zwift Preferences. Set your world to something other than the calendar world, and you’ll run into far less people, in general.

Look at this, every world has some Hills.

Thanks, that’s kool . why isn’t this in the main pref ? Or am I missing something ?

It’s a third-party tool to make modifications to your prefs.xml file. Zwift has never officially implemented a full-fledged “world choice” option, but they have never plugged the prefs.xml hole either.

Thanks Jim, any way, this works for me. Thanks for all your help.