I want more control over which rides I can do

I’m getting bored with Zwift. It’s high time that you let customers choose their own rides from your entire list rather than just three choices each time with too many of the older rides running often and others like France only once in a while and then for only two days! More France, Scotland, Macuri Island, less Richmond, London, Yorkshire, Innsbruck, and New York! Not everyone likes climbing rides. Diversify for for your customers. Also, I don’t like the virtual pace partner feature that you added recently, I find it annoying and want to turn it off. I’m not on Zwift to race myself!

Then turn it off. :man_shrugging:t2: Settings screen.

It’s really simple to ride whichever world you want. Create a club of which you’re the only member. Set up a free ride for that club on whichever world/route you want and choose to attend that event. Ride to your heart’s content. If you want company, quit the event as soon as it starts and you’ll keep the route but be with everyone else currently riding in that world.

I hope that was worth waiting 6 years for. :wink::grin:


Your one wish is granted.

You can select a workout and that will bring up the option to pick any world and any route. To take it a bit further make a short warm-up workout with just one Zone block then you don’t have to skip the workout blocks.


Thank you, more info than I got from contacting Zwift Customer service.

Thank you David.

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Thank you, David.

I actually fully agree on the HoloReplay feature. I think it’s horribly intrusive and should be off by default.

I usually ride a variety of routes just from doing races.

Another, very easy way to ride in any world is to do a workout, including the “rider’s choice” workouts - but you can end the workout after you get into the world and continue to ride the route.

I have a custom workout that is only 10 seconds of a free ride segment. Then you just keep going in the world of your choice. You don’t even have to end the workout, just keep pedaling.


Thanks David, could you explain step by step how to set up a club, I’ve never done that before. Also, can you invite someone to join your club? Please let me know.