World Switching Please

(Father Damo2 (98kg)) #1

I know I can hack it… but world switching please… maybe a hub/worm hole that joins all worlds together?

When will we be able to choose the world we ride in?
Where is Map Choice? by Jon Mayfield
Please end the schedule - worlds are getting crowded
World Choice
(Steve Copeland) #2

Another vote here!!! Especially with all the recent focus on the excellent Innsbruck meaning its all been about climbing when I just want to spin a few miles.

2 Days of Innsbruck!?
(Victor Tolgyessy (NECC) 4588 ZHR Zwifted Sister (PACK)) #3

I too would love to choose my world!

BTW, I do like the Richmond course!

(Barb Sanford Zbr) #4

i third, fourth, fifth that vote. We all want to be able to ride whichever world ticles our fancy that day. Please?!!!

(Robert Parry) #5

Would love to see this

(Joe Yasko 🏊🏻‍♂️🚴🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️) #6

You can research it on YouTube and will give you a website where you can switch worlds. :grinning:

(Chris McRob (Bingham. NY)) #7

Another vote for choice. Perhaps Watopia always on and rotate though a schedule of London, Innsbruck, Richmond and the forthcoming New York. AppleTV user so no option for world hack

(Lisa Lilley) #8

I would like to request if we can’t switch worlds, could we please get a flat Innsbrook road ? I plan workouts during Innsbrook days to avoid riding it :frowning:

(Bill Kipper) #9

I use a workaround for those ‘need a flat road’ days. This procedure assumes a Windows machine. Create a custom workout of the duration you desire with ‘freeride’ as the only block. Save, then go to Documents>Zwift>Workouts. Right click on the file and open with Notepad. 90 minutes looks like this:
< author>B.Kipper< /author>
< name>90 MINUTE FREERIDE< /name>
< description>90 MINUTE FREERIDE< /description>
< sportType>bike< /sportType>
< tags>
< tag name=" FREEATLAST"/>
< /tags>
< workout>
< FreeRide Duration=“5400” FlatRoad=“0”/>
< /workout>

Change FlatRoad=“0” to FlatRoad=“1”, save the file, and you’ll be free to ride steep hills as flat roads. Happy riding :slight_smile:
EDIT: apparently xml code is filtered, so I’ve added spaces that wouldn’t normally be present in the file.

(Lisa Lilley) #10

Thank you so much -appreciate that!

(Paul Fish) #11

I like all of the different courses, but sometimes I want to choose the route.

(Zak P) #12

…Or, please provide a relatively easy hack for IOS world swap…

(Benno Van Der Velde) #13

Yes please!!! Another vote.

(I M Gandu) #14

Sounds like a major want by the general Zwift population. I can go either way, but see the value for others.

(Gary Moore) #15

Another one for this as well please.

(Verde Espada) #16

Yes please !

(Bryn Griffith ) #17

Download zwift pref app from zwift insider and you can switch all you like. road london and watopia while everyone was in innsbruck! :slight_smile:

(Lee Proctor) #18

I use this:

It’s super simple to use and lets you ride any world anytime

(Evert Herremans) #19

I agree, world switching would be a good idea. Doesn’t even have to be all 4 maps at one time but could also be just 2 out of 4 at any given time.

It made sense in the earlier days of Zwift to only open 1 map at a time to make sure there’s always plenty of other riders around (which is one of the big selling points of zwift, riding together). But we’ve come to a point where there’s more then enough riders to fill 2 maps.

(Russell Kelly ) #20

Absolutely yes please!

I look at the Zwift calendar and change the date on my PC under time and “date settings” so my PC date matches the world I want to ride, then when I load Zwift it takes me to the world I want.

What I would like to see is all the worlds joined together. In Watopia I couldn’t access the Jungle until level 12 with an arc like force field stopping me entering…

Imagine you had these entries that took you into the different worlds (like I can now access the Jungle) so you could ride where you like!

The only downside and the reason I can’t see it happening is there are around 1500 (+/-) Zwifting at any one time - if you spread these out around all the different worlds it could become boring by riding for ages without seeing anyone. Zwift like the community aspect that keeps everyone riding together.