2 guest worlds combinations

I love the update today that adds two guest worlds instead of one!

I don’t know what others opinions are but as a new user of Zwift I’d love a few more days a month of Innsbruck. It seems there is a lot more of all the other words. I happened to get one day on it and it nearly killed me :stuck_out_tongue: but I’d love to be able to keep trying more often.

Don’t worry. About a dozen visits, and you’ll be bored out of your mind. It’s just two loops with a short run between them.

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Isn’t that the same as Richmond though? It has a lot of days in the current schedule, splitting those up between others I feel would help a little at least

Yeah, Richmond is no better in that regard. That’s why they’re my two least favorite worlds. Since the graphics upgrade and the ability to ride both directions, though, Richmond has a slight edge over Innsbruck for me.

Love the extra option but would love another location ,throw in another city from somewhere else . Also …can you add MTRS gained to the personal goals? Our family is trying to climb our countries tallest MTN

I agree - I would love more Innsbruck days

Agreed - now with 3 world options a day, it’s annoying that Innsbruck is only available twice in a month, and both time on Fridays when I’m not working out. How am I to finish my route badges? (without world hacking). A few more options in a month would be nice.

With today’s Zwift Companion update, you can set up a meetup in Innsbruck any day that you like.