Bring back Richmond

(Zee Kryder) #1

Yes, I know I can hack it and ride completely solo (like the other day). But when Richmond is not on the map, then very very few race organizers select it. Riding New York has been so disapointing that I want richmond back. At least the hills seem real even if the main scenery is ugly, a bit. Wehad enough city here even before London and New York. Blah. I feel sorry for the team that tried as best they could with an assignment that was doomed to fail. New York is too flat, with too many pointless routes, with the same climb thrown in to most of them. NY is basically two courses (flat and with climb) made to appear like 10 courses.

(Pitch Blank) #2

(Chris Larese) #3

Hmm, I do like London! However I’m on Zwift since October and in the course schedule Richmond wasn’t there in October, November and now not even in December, which is a pity!
NewYork is not that bad actually (although it all looks the same there and actual street level rides out of Central Park would be nice). My problem with New York is, that it was overrepresented during October (almost every day) and therefore I don’t want to see that anymore. Must have been the same thing with Innsbruck in September (maybe that’s why nobody likes it. And Innsbruck also needs a couple of more routes. After all it’s just one short circle and one big climb)

Anyways there are five worlds now, and it would be nice for a change if all 5 worlds would be scheduled in every month (December: Innsbruck 1 time, Richmond zero times). So, this request definitely gets my vote!