Is Richmond Gone Forever

I can’t even remember when Richmond was last in the schedule, has it been dropped forever?

I’m probably in the minority but i quite like it.

I kinda like it too. It may get more use when the ‘World’ option menu is introduced.

Ride On!

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I have to use the prefs.xml WORLD tag to get to it.

It got junked really early on and now apparently is really gone.

It is a shame, as it is a good course which replicates the real course for that race perfectly.

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I forgot where I read it, perhaps here, but someone said Richmond would become an event or race only course.

In the future (hopefully very soon), you’ll be able to choose which world you ride on including Richmond. The video also implies they are bringing Jarvis island back as well as the rumored lost world.


FYI… that is not really from Zwift HQ. That is from some random guy on the internet.

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Absolutely correct that it is not from Zwifr HQ. However, ZwiftInsider published the link on their site which I believe gives it more credibility than just being from some random guy on the internet. Maybe I give Eric and his staff more credit than they deserve but I hope it’s legitimate.

damn, that looked pretty good, i did think it wasn’t legit when the lost world stuff showed up!!

They should get rid of all these alternative worlds and just extend Watopia with some really nice hills and mountains.

For races and criteriums the courses in London / Richmond / Innsbruck could be nice, but then just event only.


Or just take the key features of the other maps, transfer them across, re-plumb them, swap map-specific assets for Watopia assets and use them as the basis of Watopia expansions.

It’s nice to have things that equate directly to real world hills as a benchmark, but if Box and Leith becomes “Block Hill” and “Wreath Hill” on a tropical “Sceptred Isle” off the coast of Watopia, it makes no difference to their training value.

I agree on that. The hills of London and also the climbs of Innsbruck are great to transfer to Watopia.

My suggestion, expand Watopia so it consists of three major parts. The orignally parts around the KOM climb and the Vulcano, some real mountains like Alpe and a hilly part with the climbs from London and Innsbruck.

I like the idea of portals… Ride from Watopia, through a portal to London, or Innsbruck, or…


I am not so sure teleportation is a good idea… haven’t you ever seen the movie “The Fly”?


We’ve got an official word on map choice here that seems pretty relevant here :slight_smile: Where is Map Choice? by Jon Mayfield - #6 by Zach_Johnston

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Random guy on the internet says, "did you see the [Modded :slight_smile:], and ‘there are children screaming for their lives’ so it’s probably fake :joy:

Still not gone?

If Watopia is “always on” would we still need to wait for richmond to be a choice though, which i’m guessing wouldn’t be a lot with London and New york being much bigger maps

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