Watopia Needs More Love

<this is my first post, so if this is a repeat of another thread, apologies>

Zwift, I know you want to mix it up with the the courses but when one is leaps better than the other two, the weighting should suggest that it gets more selection than its inferior alternatives. Watopia is at least 4x better than London, and 5x better than Richmond, not to mention that you consistently upgrade Watopia and never touch its siblings. I really suggest, especially for weekend rides that you default Watopia. It should be the standard at least 5 days a week, if not more. The London loop and UCI courses are a surefire way to get bored easily on a long day. Surely you know this, though you feel that all that work done to develop both London and Richmond should be rewarded with more airtime. No, in fact that work should be viewed as a sunk cost. It felt worth it at the time, but its time has past, and you should reward your fans with what they’ve really come to riide… Watopia.

There is going to be a London extension pretty soon which should just about double the ‘London’ part of the roads there. 

But I’ve always been of the opinion that Zwift should have one world, that is always active, if that means putting London/Richmond in Watopia, or dropping them entirely, so be it.

I don’t know why people dislike the other two worlds, I would think that people like the flat parts of the routes and London and Richmond does not have that many flat options. 

When it is London day I see a lot of people going in circles around the Mall and Buckingham Palace, not a lot on box Hill. Same with Richmond not a lot of people on Libby Hill.