Less London and more Watopia

I live in the UK and love London, but I’m bored of it yet for 3 days a week I have to ride it, please put London on the schedule less, Watopia has so many more options for riding than London, can we have London maximum of twice a week !

I suggest Watopia 4, London 2 and Richmond 1 day every week

Best solution. Get rid of Richmond and London, use parts of them to create new roads in Watopia. Problem solved, no course rotation any more, no more complaints of boring courses.


Or at very least, have 2 courses selectable at all times.

  1. Always Watopia

  2. London for 2 days, Richmond for 2 days, in rotation.

I love riding on Watopia. Its great and gives you a super variety. If you want to go flat you can, hilly you can, mountain you can. This is what i want. I don’t want to be reduce like in Richmond or London. Keep expanding watopia. Id love to see even longer climbs, steeper ones as well. Ad a road segment that’s absolutely flat with zero elevation gain or loss for the speedies. Watopia can be expanded with so many exciting new things…I personally love it…Thanks