Fewer Watopia days More other cities days

why is Richmond 1 day in 30? Or London 1 day in 4? Watopia seems the favorite of Zwift programmers at 22 days in Nov.  Instead of adding courses to Watopia how about adding new cities: Paris , Tour de France routes , Athens , Istanbul , San Francisco 

Watopia is a favorite of Zwift users and for the most part Richmond is the least favorite, so blame the users not the programmers. 

There is an expansion to Watopia coming in the next couple/few months and Zwift has announced that a new world/city is coming early 2018.

Watopia probably got more days in November because of the new (and very cool) Jungle route.

Please, no more cities.

Richmond is extremely bland. The only purpose I like doing Richmond for is the Richmond flat route if I just completely zoned out want to ride a flat surface. Even the Richmond race course isn’t all that exciting.

London is more entertaining, however my personal favorite most certainly is Watopia. So personally I’m not bothered with the current schedule. However, I do believe that an even better solution than changing up schedules is just formal support for letting us as users pick the route we wish to ride.

STUNNING that this late in the game we still can’t choose. I don’t care if I’m riding with anyone else ever. (Yes, do the hack: NO, the hack should be on the login page and it should be called “where do you want to ride” with a drop down choice.)