Watopia vs Richmond welcome to ZWIFT2.

(david garcia) #1

I really like the Watopia racetrack, especially now that there is a big climb. My question is if I could ride Watopia every day? instead of riding Richmond, the days that Richmond is supposed to go on.
I am pretty sure that you have people working on more racetracks. My comment is only to give the choice to the rider before going on a determined circuit. You could have a ZIWFT2 Website with the Watopia only. The Zwift website of today where you have either Richmond or Watopia could stay the same.

(Andrew Jarrod) #2

I’ve been begging for the ability to choose for months, but we still don’t have it.  On the bright side you can edit the XML file to get around Richmond and you can even change the clock on the PC (but be careful with this one).

With the new Ocean and _ Spectacular _ mountain stages Watopia should now be at least a 6-day fixture, but a choice is always better.  Personally I actively avoid Richmond days and try to work around them.  It was good for a month / two but it’s not a patch on the new and constantly improving Watopia.

The danger is that if we aren’t given choice, when more circuits are added later in the year (Rio / etc) then we will be forced to ride those too and Watopia time will be taken away from us.


(. TomH..) #3

Hi guys, 

We definitely don’t recommend changing the time or anything else as it can cause some problems with Zwift software and many other softwares you might have installed in your PC. 

We are looking at some different options for you. 

Stay tuned and Ride On!


(Mark Hewitt) #4


Until Zwift come up with the option of choosing, use the above guide and you’ll be permanently in Watopia :slight_smile: