London and Richmond.... Meh...

 Hey Kids,

I’ve been using Zwift for a couple years now… Level 25… By no stretch of the imagination am I a hammer-time-more-pain kinda rider. Cat 5, “D” group kinda guy. I’m more of a mileage rider. Now…

Maybe it’s just me, but does anyone else think that both the London and Richmond courses are more work and less reward than Watopia?

I just feel that every London or Richmond are the “special of the day” that I’m putting in more effort and showing less performance and getting less satisfaction out of my ride. 

Most times when those two course are the scheduled course for the day I’ll just do an easy workout spin for an hour or just do the flat course and watch youtube for an hour.

Happy New Year!!

Ride On!

Can’t say I agree. I use the flatter course for sprints and the fox hill for climbing. Seems to work pretty well as I have doubled my average watts!

London and Richmond are both a good workout for me and I leave it at that. I imagine I’ll feel the same way after a couple years of riding those maps. More maps, more routes, no one will argue with that!   :slight_smile:

I don’t know if they are more work, but I really don’t enjoy London. Richmond is a little better for me. One London ride per week is more than enough for me.

I am not a fan of Richmond mostly because you have very little variation on what you can do there. In both London and Watopia you can go both directions on most roads and U-turn. There are also many intersection turn options in London and Watopia. Richmond, not so much. You can’t U-turn and there are very few intersections that allow you to go in a different direction. If the Richmond roads were made 2 way and more options to turn down different streets, it would allow for greater route variation and be more enjoyable. I understand that it was designed to mimic the Richmond UCI World Championship route, but I think that most people don’t really care about riding that exact route in that exact direction. They just want variety so they can ride and train in the manor that works best for them.