Why stick us with London three days in a row!?

London and Richmond are ok for a day. But should never be two days in a row. 

London is particularly boring. Both in terms of scenery and the variations in terms of hills and grades. 

Zwift should never have London three days in a row. 

Have you been around the Surrey hills lately G?

I don’t care so much for the London route that is within the city (although its better now that they added people), but Box Hill and the new Leith Hill routes are very well done.  I find them every bit as good as the Watopia route.  Ultimately Zwift may allow us to pick our route and if they do I’ll still ride London

Of course you can pick your world now if you use the Hack.

I rode Watopia today.

Can you explain the hack in simple terms? 

I can’t take London again.

Here, this should fix your issue: https://zwiftinsider.com/world-tag/

I would like to see London and Richmond more.


I’ll be honest … I like London, and the Surrey expansions, and I have only ever managed to catch and ride RIchmond because of the Giro de Castelli stage held there. Could use the hack (which isn’t really a hack at all) but haven’t bothered yet, although I probably will at some point if Zwift don’t give the option to pick our world.

My schedule as a teacher means I tend to be able to ride towards the end of the week, so often only see Watopia for ride after ride. I would like to see London more.

some people like london…me included so thats just your opinon

Dude your going  love March 6-10 , 5 days of London in a Row. “as of right now”