mountain routes london and richmond

I only get to ride Zwift 2-3 times a week. I like to ride mountain routes. thats what compliments my other training. So when I get on and I see esp Richmond but also London its very disappointing.  I am also working on the everest challenge.

Even though it might not be “real”, could you add mountain route on richmond and London?


The mountain loop is 18.3 miles with 2201 feet of elevation gain.  London’s Surrey Hills loop is 25.5 miles with 2893 feet of elevation gain so there is already a ‘mountain like’ loop for London.  Richmond is only twice per month and you can always use the world hack to ride Watopia (or London).  

I would prefer Zwift focus on other worlds and the planned expansions to Watopia and London than add something to Richmond.

Yes but no london. I wouldn’t care if it was watopia and richmond only.

You can ride any map and route at any time you want. Just go to It takes less time than this           post.