London 8 route length and elevation wrong?

I rode the London 8 route. It’s supposed to be 20.4km and 257m elevation, but I got 20.7km and 218m elevation. No equipment changes and all of my other recent rides have been spot on. I used a featherweight power up on the Box Hill climb but it shouldn’t have changed the elevation by 15%. Any suggestions?

Yeah, from when I did it

Lead-in is 0.5km and the route is 20.3km…elevation is wrong :man_shrugging:

Yes, length is about right with lead in but it’s the elevation I care about right now and it being only 85% of the advertised stats was frustrating.

There have been plenty of posts about some of the London route elevation figures being wrong in the past.

Interesting. Once I go looking for them, yes there are. I was somewhat surprised given that all of the Watopia routes are spot on what they advertise as the length and elevations. Ah well, chalk it up to yet another frustrating Zwift bug :frowning:

I wonder if the issues are caused by the mixed use of IRL data and the worm hole tunnel that takes you to the Surrey hills area? :thinking:

Didn’t spot this one before posting this:

This was taken after completing the first lap

it is saying the distance remaining on the next loop is 16 miles but I have only done 15.2 and that includes the lead in (the marker for which is also wrong btw but there are loads of those!)

this was taken before finishing the first lap and if you add the distance done to the distance remaining it comes to 15.7 (again including the lead in)

so it is wrong and inconsistently wrong!