Distance and climbing metres not counting

I have been noticing that my in game distance is not correct. At least 1/8th of my total distance ridden and 1/5 of my climbing distance has not been credited. Not sure what is happening but it is very frustrating as I have a personal challenge between a few friends and I just keep falling further behind. If you look at the ride by ride the stuff is there but the overall distance does not update in conjunction. Any ideas on how to get this fixed? Thanks S

On the ZCA I am seeing you have ridden 443 miles total with 14,485 feet climbed, is that incorrect?
How far do you think you have ridden?
Are you using metric or imperial on your setup?

Go to my.zwift.com and see if all your rides and distance are showing and are correct.

It is saying I have done 712km and if I add up my rides it totals 803km and therefore the climb distance is out as well. I know because my latest ride definitely did not count and my Everest challenge does not increase either.

Just checked zwift.com and it is same incorrect. I just rode the London loop course and the km and climb def did not update and my Everest challenge stayed the same

Are you seeing any network dropouts during your rides?

None and, the ride and data is recorded fine but it does not update any of my totals. It obviously happens a lot as 1/8 of my distance is not recorded against my total. Surely I can’t be the only one with this issue and it should be resolved and not have to resort to going back through your rides to count the distance covered. It updates my xp, drops and also badges but nothing on totals.