Climbing challenge

I rode the Dust in the wind route the evening, 33 miles and 1913 ft elevation, at the end I unlocked the Concept bike and reached 100% zwift climbing challenge (164042ft), now i went back to Zwift and i don’t see the Concept bike on my garage and the challenge is still at 98% like it was before i did this ride, also it did not give me the badge for that route,

Anyone knows what to do to get the credit,

I’ve just added enough elevation gain to your account which should cover what you did yesterday.

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Did you give him the route badge as well?

Do you think this was a saving the activity issue?

I have no idea what it was.

Adding the elevation should give him the Z1 Concept Bike as well as the Everest Challenge badge.

Dust in the Wind

Yup, added.

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Any chance you were logged into Zwift (the game, not Companion) on two different devices? That can be a reason why this happens.