TdZ Stage 7 - Elevation total not added to my challenge

(Jeff) #1

I successfully completed Stage 7 last night. I checked the leg status on the stage tracker and I have the thumbs up. I also have the finish flag in the Companion App. So, I’m pretty sure it was logged as completed within the system.

However, the 989M of the climbing was not added to my Concept Z1 (Everest Climbing Challenge) totals. I probably wouldn’t have noticed but I started the stage at 97% complete and the 1000M would have put me really close to finally being done.

I had a few anomalies to start the stage which may have caused some issues. I think the app may have crashed transferring me from NY to Innsbruck (just as the leg was starting). I had to quit Zwift and restart. When I got joined back into the race, we had already started so I joined in progress.

Is there some way to get the total from yesterday added to my challenge total? Not like it is a huge deal but my training partner got their bike before Innsbruck and now I’m experiencing some FOMO.


(Martial Pottier [F]) #2

I am facing the same issue with TdZ stage 6.
In addition, the total Distance and Climbed do not match what I did the pas 30 days.
Does anyone can help us ?