Ride not counting towards every listing challenge when it was selected

I rode 764m of elevation on zwift 2 days ago. This was a solo free ride and I had the everisting challenge selected yet my everisting total still says 0m gained.

Any advice? My trainer was set to 50% difficulty but I don’t know if that makes a difference?


Any chance you didn’t save the ride at the end? Or that you have Zwift open on multiple devices? Also, it can’t hurt to check again to be sure you’ve selected the Everest Challenge.

The Trainer Difficulty setting doesn’t make any difference to the elevation counting, no.

Would you kindly take a screenshoot of your “Challenges” screen for us?

Also note: if you are using the “free trial 25km” and don’t have an active paid subscription, certain things like XP and challenge distance won’t count, if I recall correctly.