All-time and Monthly Mileage/Climbing have Frozen and Dont Tally up ? HELP :-(

Hi, Noticed that for the past few weeks my mileage and height climbed hasn’t updated. I`ve been a member for 6 weeks and a quick total up has me at 190.6 miles with roughly 9000ft climbed.

On my Profile it shows : All Time 104 miles and 2953ft climbed 30 Days 123 miles and 3517ft Climbed ???

Spoke with Zwift support and they are saying it might be a loss of connection during an activity. But every activity I do runs to the end no problems and uploads the full ride to both Strava and my Zwift Activity Feed ?

Has anyone else experianced this ? its getting a little frustrating now as i dont think its updated for the last month ??!

Are you using an Apple TV?

there was a glitch in the ZCA at one point that showed the last 30 days higher than all time as well, I think that was fixed however.

No im running Zwift through a laptop and using the Zwift companion on an Android phone. both are showing 104 miles which is incorrect. Contacted Zwift and got the same response as I did a month ago when I originally contacted them. That they are looking into it.

Is everyone elses mileage getting updated ?

No that error is still the same on my PC and Android App. Monthly is still higher than Alltime.

Has your problem ever been fixed? Currently suffering exactly the same. Everything is uploaded correctly on Companion and Strava but not summing up to total. :frowning:

Hi Hannes,
No I don’t think it has been updated correctly. My mileage has been going up now but it doesn’t correlate to the miles I’ve actually done during the first few months of my membership. I think it says my total cycled miles is about 650 but sure I have done a ■■■■ of alot more than that. My zwift levels have been going up. TBH Hannes I have over checking on it. I would register your query with zwift, the more that do so might make them properly address this. Hope you’re enjoying zwift. Ride on ! (As they say), Al.

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Thanks! Hope that’s fixed soon. Quite annoying. Reported it to Zwift.