Weekly Streak Screen Totals Are Not Correct [December 2023]

Has anyone else noticed that the Weekly Streak screen displayed when you end a ride shows totals that don’t reflect what you actually rode.

Some days the totals are actually less than the previous days totals.

I’ve opened a support ticket on this, I will update this post if Zwift responds…

Here is an example of what I am referring to in the screen shot below.

I had spotted this too - forgot to post it here so you saved me the trouble.

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I suspect it shows you the totals related to rides that count toward the streak (max 2 per week) but not the total that you rode in that time period.

Perhaps, but doesn’t explain why climbing went down from 44,144 FT (on Dec 29) to 40,745 FT (on Dec 30). :man_shrugging:

Hoping Zwift support can shed some light on what’s up with this…

not in my case - there is probably some logic to it but it isn’t that.

Lost progress can be related to logging in on two different devices. Any chance that might be a factor here?

I’m using a dedicated Windows 11 PC. Only place I’ve logged in this month…

OK I have no idea. You might want to contact support to investigate further.

@evan-zwift knows some things about how it works and might be able to diagnose what’s going on.

if you log in to the CA what does your 40 day total show?

30-day total is 1,980 MI, 74,491 FT and 197 slices (~56,145 calories @285/slice).

FYI had opened a ticket with support prior to posting this topic…

Any word from Zwift? I have not opened a ticket but noticed my mileage/distance covered is way off. I’ve ridden over 500 miles in the past 4 weeks (my streak) but the screen says 103.1. I can’t figure out what they’re adding to get to that number

Zwift hasn’t responded with anything other than saying they opened my ticket.

I’ve ridden 123 MI this week and my mileage total has actually gone down. It’s definitely not keeping track of my overall totals for the 5 weeks.

So if others viewing this thread can upvote it if they are seeing the same issue it will help get more priority with support.

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Something is very broken with the totals.

I’ve ridden about 532km since the level 60-100 update (which was nearly a month ago). I’ve noticed that for the last two or three rides the distance covered on the streak screen hasn’t changed and was about 308km.

I just loaded up Zwift and did a nothing ride (no devices connected etc) just to double check the number and now it’s saying 282.4km. So the total has dropped about 36 km since my ride this morning.

I’ve tried adding up my recent ride totals thinking maybe it’s only counting the last few weeks or maybe a set number of rides but the totals don’t match so I don’t think that is the problem.

I’m on a 5 week streak so I haven’t had any break in the streak (which I imagine would cause your totals to reset if you did break the streak). I’ve also completed the two rides for this week’s streak. My ride this morning was the third ride of the week. So I don’t think it’s a total of the two rides per week for the streak (it also wouldn’t explain how it’s just gone down).

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Mine was 638.5 miles yesterday and then 619.5 after my ride today.

I can only assume it is some kind of rolling window. My guess based on my mileage is that it is a 3 week rolling period - this would make sense as the streak bonus increase for the first three weeks too and then stays at 500XP.

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Yep I’ve noticed the same issue on Apple TV, I’m on a 5 week streak but distance and calories etc are falling. Very odd

310.5km today so it added the 28.05km I did in TdZ this morning correctly to the 282.4km it was showing yesterday. Let’s so how this plays out.

Hi, the millage / km is defiantly wrong mines been stuck around 383 miles for 2 weeks, so times is a little bit more sometimes a little bit less, I usually average around 150 miles a week so should be about 750 miles, I think the climbing measurement does the same but I am not sure, I have ridden twice in one day on more than one occasion and the result has been less after the second ride than before the first, it has always been wrong from the first week I think.

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Still wonky for me. On fifth week - all totals are not reflecting what I’ve done this week. Started the week with 1,101.9 mi distance covered, have ridden 221.4 mi and distance covered says 1,023.7. Same issues for the calories and elevation. I seem to be going backwards :man_shrugging:

Zwift followed up on my support ticket to let me know they haven’t gotten to it yet but will at some point. Support says: "However, I want to mention that we’ve received your request and we’re working on a solution for you.

We’ll reach back out to you when we have more info. We appreciate your patience while we get this sorted out."

One step forward, one step back.

Quick recap: 2 days ago my streak screen total went from about 308km down to 282.4km (without doing any ride, I was just checking the totals) and that is when I started tracking it more closely.

Yesterday my ride of 28.05 was correctly added to the 282.4km to give a new total of 310.5km

Today I did a warm-up of 1km and the C cat TdZ which added another 14km. My total has dropped to 296.4km.

Ignoring the 1km warm-up that’s a total loss of 28.1km (the 14km ride today + the loss of 14.1km in the total).

The ride I did yesterday was 28.05km. On the 25th Dec I did a 28.1km ride (but also a 2km warmup on the same day). On the 15th Dec I did a 28.1km (no warmup).

BUT WAIT, the elevation gain seems to show what’s really happening here. Yesterday my total elevation was 2419m. Today it’s 2289m. A loss of 130m. If we add the elevation gain in the ride today (246m of hilly Yorkshire) we get a total difference of 376m which just so happens to be exactly the same amount of elevation in the 28.05km ride I did yesterday (B cat TdZ).

It seems that what is happening here is the weekly total has added up a certain amount of rides (unknown exactly how many, it could be x amount of rides over the last 3 weeks) but when it gets to that certain amount it has stopped adding and is overwriting the previous ride with the current ride.

For example, the code might be set to only count the last 21 rides over the last 3 weeks. If you’ve done more rides in that time (multiple rides per day) then it might not be adding them all up plus you’ve hit the 21 counter limit and any new ride is overwriting the last one. But that’s just speculating on how the code might be written.

If your last ride is further than the previous ride the total goes up by the difference, If your last ride is less than the previous ride your total goes down by the difference. I rode 14km today, yesterday I rode 28.1km so my total went down by 14.1km (with a corresponding change in the elevation total).

EDIT: Daily changeover time so I thought I’d check the totals again without actually doing any ride. It’s back own to 282.4km and 2042m climbed which is the previous total minus the Stage 1 TdZ (14km and 246m) I did this morning. It looks like the ride this morning has been wiped out from the totals.

So maybe Zwift has accumulated some totals (282.4km in my case). Then if you do a ride it gets added to those totals then at the end of each day it erases those new rides. The question then is what is that 282.4km the sum of?

Same issue for me. My streak total keeps going down, as does the calories and total climbing. No idea what’s going on. Would be nice to see a response from Zwift to say they’re looking in to it…