Weekly Streak Screen Totals Are Not Correct [December 2023]

This is now on Technical Support’s radar.

Passing along from Zwift 3rd level support “This is currently being looked into as a known issue, although it does not appear to be very widespread.”

Zwift Insider has also confirmed this as an issue Zwift is looking at. (https://zwiftinsider.com/level-100/#comment-112818)

Same issue. Did two separate rides yesterday. Gave me 1 streak for two rides. So figured it was counting consecutive days instead of rides. Did another ride today and after I saved the ride it stil showed 1 streak. Something is up. :person_shrugging:t4:

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Happens to me when closing ride.

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thank you for raising the issue. I was trying to figure out the dashboard issue for 4 weeks and gave up

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Streaks are weekly, not daily, so if you do multiple rides in a week, the streak counter will just increase once. If you ride multiple consecutive weeks (one ride each week, minimum 2km distance), then you’ll see that weekly streak counter increase.

More information about how streaks work can be found here: Ride Streaks FAQ

Hi folks, we rolled out a change on the backend that should resolve the issue with cumulative streak totals (distance, elevation, calories) not increasing as expected. These totals should increase as expected again starting today.

Please note that we are aware of two other potential issues that are currently being addressed and are targeted to be resolved in game version 1.57.

  1. Cumulative streak stats may not be updated correctly when going from “Just Watch” mode into a ride.
  2. Cumulative streak stats may not be updated correctly when joining an event while already in an activity.
  3. Cumulative elevation stats will currently be rounded-up to the nearest meter (or feet equivalent based on meters). We’re adding better precision to the climb statistics in the next game release.
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Thanks for providing an update on the issue and to the Zwift team for working on a solution. :+1: :+1:

Is there a plan to correct the totals for the streak from the start of it. By that I mean will the totals match what I have accumulated over my Streak - in my case 6 weeks now?

My actuals: 2,499 MI - 92,763 FT, - 70828 CAL.
Zwift shows: 1,071 MI - 40,679 FT - 30,548 CAL.

Unfortunately no; the cumulative values should start incrementing properly moving forward now, but there may be a gap in data while the issue existed. We apologize for that disruption.

Too bad that the totals can’t be fixed. :disappointed_relieved:

Essentially then, the totals are meaningless for anyone having this issue.

I am guessing the only workaround for this would be to end the streak and start a new one??

they are kind of meaningless anyway - my actual streak started way before zwift introduced this feature.

I’d like the ability to reset the totals manually as and when you like, could reset them each quarter or month or whatever then.

Why not Evan? We know you have the data (I can log into my account on zwift’s website and see previous activities), so it should be simple enough to write a script to fix these numbers. Better than having unhappy customers, surely?

Quick update (apologies for not following up on this sooner) - we’re working on options to fix up cumulative streak stats (distance, elevation, calories) for the affected period. We’ll share back when we have more.


UPDATE February 13
Hi everyone - please note that this issue has been fixed in game version 1.58. Thanks for your patience.

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